God Natt

Poem Title: A prayer for you

May God send an Angel to sit upon your shoulder
To embrace you when times are hard,
For protection through each day,
In remembrance that you are loved,
And to chase bad dreams away.

May this Angel help you keep your innocence.
The wonder you see in the world around you.
To notice the beauty of each season as it changes.
That the smile you give to others
Just might touch someone?s heart.

So if you feel a gentle hug
Or a soft kiss upon your brow
Know that God answered my prayer
And it is an Angel who protects you now.

©2007 Cat

 Angel 3 

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18.09.2007 kl.13:37

Takk for hilsenen jeg fikk på bloggen min.Jeg tok meg en titt i din , de nissene blir skikkelig fine.

Jeg likte også godt det diktet du hadde på siden din.ha en god dag. hilsen nua-nua

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