God helg!

Med disse ord vil jeg ønske dere alle en riktig herlig  og kreativ helg, med masse kos, håndarbeide og frisk luft..  

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I don't need big fancy cars
Or clothes that are the best
I like to keep things easy
I love to do a lot by spending less

I don't eat in the best restaurants
They don't impress me you see
Pizza and beer will do just fine
That's makes me happy as can be

It's simple things that make me happy
Like a walk along the beach
This is the happiness I know I have
So close within my reach

Walking past some flowers
People grow within their yards
Or reading a love poem
On a newly written greeting card

Or just going for a ride
With no destination
The windows down, the wind blowing
Oh what a great sensation

They say the best things in life are free
And I must agree
Look at all God has given us
And it's there for you and me

It doesn't cost a cent
But it's worth so much more
And all you have to do to see it
Is just walk out your front door

©2007 Ray Hansell

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13.01.2008 kl.11:06

Hei. Jeg har en award til deg på bloggen min c",)


28.09.2009 kl.00:56

Nydelig og så sant, så sant. Jeg har et motto: Gjør dine gleder enkle og din dag blir god.

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