Vanskelige valg..

Life really boils down 

 to 2 questions... 


 1. Should I get a dog.....? 

life in 2 question bilde 1


2. Should I have children? 

life in 2 question bilde 2


 Now that I made you smile, 

 pass it on to someone else 

 who needs a laugh today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Just to let you know




 No matter what situations life throws at you...


  No matter how long and  treacherous your journey may seem..


 Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


 life in 2 question bilde 3


 You're laughing aren't you? 

 That's good 'cause my job here is done!


Have a  great day and remember to give thanks.... life in 2 question bilde 4

 Cats are so dramatic!! 

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11.10.2009 kl.19:14

Well, I had children and CATS - no doogs. They came later in lifte. Thank you, for the smiles!!


11.10.2009 kl.21:48

Hihi,helt herlig.Ha en fin uke:)

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