God natt!


All I want to say   by Regan Leiby

All I want to say
Is Good Night
Turn off all the lights And the
Moon in the sky And to
The willows And Daises
I say Farewell And to the
Forests I laid Good Night,
Thanks for All the good dreams
And everything I've seen,
Thank you for the colorful sounds,
Good night, to the Vibes,
Sound Waves coming into the
Night That blanketed me,
Good night to the gift I received,
To Hear and feel what I'm not meant to
I'm shutting you out
Good Night to the sweetness,
I smelled although nothing was there,
And to the candles burning outside,
High Above City Lights
I say farewell to the creativeness
I seen in the outlines that curved in the,
So bright blue dancing with green and yellow
Farewell, to the visions that mislead
And forgive me for things that stood in my way,
Keeping me from showing what was missed out on,
Good night, Farewell, to all the silliness,
And the misguided and to the maybes, and the
Empty sun rises and to all other ties,
That kept us from living dreams, made into a lie,
Trying to live as saints,
So it seems it's time to turn of the lights,
Time enough to Say good night.
So I can sleep Peacefully, Hearing no complaints.

                            Regan Leiby

Med dette sier jeg     til dere alle.

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