Dagens siste hilsen.


We've come to the end of another day.
For some it's been joyous happy and gay.
For others the sky hasn't been quite so blue,
But maybe tomorrow their dreams will come true.

Slowly the shadows of night time come creeping.
Lovers their rendezvous soon will be keeping.
Soft silver moonlight may lighten their way.
What a perfect ending for a perfect day!

If tonight should find you a little bit blue,
And maybe these dreams just didn't come true.
Things really aren't as bad as they seem,
So go to bed, dear, and dream, dream, dream.

May all your dreams be happy and bright,
And keep you contented all thru the night.
Tomorrow I'm sure things will go your way.
For remember, tomorrow's another day.

©2005 Del Senkbeil


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