Om å bli eldre

On Aging- Amy Grant

It occurred to me this morning
    as I washed this face of mine,
How quickly come the changes
    with a little passing time
A wrinkle here, a hair turned gray
    a not so lilting step
I see me growing older,
    but i don't quite feel it yet
At times I nearly feel my age
    at others I'm, sixteen,
So full am I of all the thoughts
    and feelings in between

Who would have thought the road of life
Would twist and turn so much?
The journey makes me strong and weak and
     tender to the touch.
And so this day I face the choice
     that I have faced each day,
Will I be open? Teachable?
Unafraid of change?

I will embrace this moment.
Forgive my past mistakes.
And remember that just showing up is
    sometimes all it takes.
I'll seek the kind of beauty
    that time cannot erase,
Wisdom and experience resting on my face

*Amy Grant*

The older I get

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In the end, it?s not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ? Abraham Lincoln